Personal Development

Weekly Challenge Tracker

Below you will find a completely free printable Weekly Challenge Tracker and instructions on how to use it. There will be an updated Challenge Tracker sheet added every Sunday evening by 7:00 pm EST; so make sure to download them each week!

What is this tracker? It is compilation of what I learned from listening to hundreds of motivational podcasts and reading numerous self-development books. It is everything needed to propel you on a self-improvement journey and start changing your mindset. All of this is combined into a 1 page Weekly Challenge Tracker.

  • Thankfulness. The tracker tells you to write down 3 things you are thankful for every day.
    • Writing down what you are thankful is the best way to start changing your mindset. There is always something to be thankful for, no matter the situation. Someone once posted on their Facebook on Thanksgiving “What if you woke up with only the things you said you were thankful for?” That makes you think right? I don’t know the last time I said I was thankful for my fingernails and eyeballs but I would be pretty sad without them. You can write down the big stuff or the small stuff. Something that always comes to my mind when I am writing down what I am thankful for it my dog Ruby’s warm belly. She has the warmest belly and whenever I pet her I feel so happy and thankful. Personally this has been so instrumental to my life; it has helped me be less self absorbed and less self critical. Also, this type of exercise has been proven to increase your dopamine, reduce anxiety, make you sleep better and overall make you happier.
  • Your Why Statement. The tracker tells you to write down your Why Statement on the top of the page. This way you can re-read it every day of the week.
    • Why you’re doing something is more important than the How. Why do you want to improve your life? It automatically assumes there is something wrong with your life. Which usually there is. Maybe “wrong” is a tough word, but more “something that can be improved in your life”. We ALL have things we can improve on. But why do you want to? Maybe you want to be a nicer person, maybe you want to lose weight and keep it off, maybe you want to me more intelligent, maybe this or maybe that. I don’t know your Why, only you do. But you can’t make a plan of action until you clearly define where you’re doing. Directions don’t make sense unless you have an end destination. Write down your Why at the beginning of every week and read it every day. It will keep remind you of the end goal and keep you motivated.
  • Challenges. The tracker gives you a challenge to do every day of the week. These challenges will be updated weekly. so you have a new challenge every week.
    • The best way to build confidence is by making yourself proud. But how do you make yourself proud? By continually doing the things you say you are going to do. You do this by completing tasks that you set for yourself. If you checked off that you did the challenge every day you will feel good about it. And at the end of the week you can be proud that you were consistent.
  • Personal goals. The tracker tells you to write down your personal goals each day.
    • Your personal goal is a mini action plan to your Why Statement. So if you Why is because you want to be more intelligent, then your goal would be you want to read 3 books a month, or watch 1 documentary a week, or take 4 online classes a year. Or whatever the goal is. Documenting them every day day will keep you on track. It can be a new goal every day like Monday you read 10 pages, Tuesday you read 15 pages, etc. Or it can be the same every day like watch 30 minutes of a documentary every day. Just some small action to obtain your bigger goal.

Just imagine if you did one tracker sheet a week for a year. You would have written down your Why Statement 52 times, written down and focused on 365 goals and thought about and visualized 1,095 things you were grateful for. It is time to Live Leveled Up; get started today.